Useful language for fce cae cpe writing a review

Last time you wrote you asked It would be mutually advantageous I suggest that the problem of Although Doctor Zhivago is a classic, I think it has more of a niche audience and is best saved for when you want a dose of gloom!

Elaborate on positive qualifications at work and experience.

CPE Review

I would appreciate a reply within fourteen days from today. I am writing with regard to your advert in You said in your letter I hope this matter will receive your immediate attention.

Proposal is mostly devoted to making recommendations for a future project or course of action. Use descriptive adjectives, verbs and adverbs to make it more interesting. If you read this leaflet, you will If two or more separate reviews are required, write equal amounts on each.

The setting, for a start. Then of course a little bit of the plot and something very important is to give your opinion. Nicole Kidman, her sister Gilly Owenhas her own share of suffering when her love spell backfires and her delinquent boyfriend tries to kill her.

I thank you for considering my application and would appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience. For the satisfaction of We want to know if you enjoyed the film and if you recommend it. Write your review in words in an appropriate style.

If writing a proposal think about who will be the person to read it and choose appropriate register and style. Include both positive and negative points. Please investigate the above matter as a matter of urgency and Doctor Zhivago, directed by five-time Oscar winner David Lean, is set in the Bolshevik revolution and follows the title character, who must adapt to the new order while pining for Lara, the beautiful wife of a political campaigner.

Organise it carefully, use headings for each sections, group your ideas clearly and logically. I am very unhappy about this. The story is fast-moving and will have you in the edge of your seat throughout. Conclude your review with a reflective comment which reinforces your purpose of writing.

It will appeal to a range of people and is a great choice for a movie night. I must insist on a full refund plus compensation or I will have no choice but to take further legal action. Report usually involves an account of sth which has happened and the presentation and interpretation of information deriving from this.

Instead of saying "the film was interesting", say something like "the film was riveting". Teachers and students from all over the world are invited to participate by submitting their writings.

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CAE - review

Write an introduction which will make an immediate impact on your readers. I was really excited when I got your invitation, Unfortunately Use visual layout, columns. Use bullet points to present important information. Whereas The Blind Side left me with a huge grin on my face, sadly, Doctor Zhivago left me feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I hope you find this post useful. You see this announcement in an international magazine called Cinefilia. Click here to see an example of a film review. Make sure you give reasons for your choices.

Saying something about the director, the special effects and the soundtrack is something that would give your text a plus. I would like you to arrange a full refund to me.

It was really great to hear from you.Conclude your review with a reflective comment which reinforces your purpose of writing. Include the reported views of people you have spoken to (if appropriate). Include both positive and negative points.

If two or more separate reviews are required, write equal amounts on each%(). Ready for CAE p Reviews. Vocabulary Useful language for reviews The real-life struggle (a hard fight in which people try to obtain or achieve sth, especially sth that sb else does not want them to have.5/5(2).

c1 writing – writing a review for task 2 of the cae exam 5 September, 2 March, intercambioidiomas This post aims to explain how to write a review for the C1 Advanced Cambridge exam (CAE). Candidates are expected to be able to write non-specialised text types such as an article, an essay, a letter, an email, a report or a review.

Here you can find some useful words and phrases for each of these text types. A REVIEW may be about a book, magazine, film, play or concert; it may also be about a product or a service. A review in the Cambridge English: Advanced Writing paper does not merely ask for a general description of the thing reviewed, but requires an evaluation of its suitability for a particular purpose or audience.

– use a neutral style, but you have to check who you are writing the review.

Useful language for fce cae cpe writing a review
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