The new south notes

New South Notes

Brilliant color, and small details give this little wine "cave" The new south notes French character. Worked to advance interest of those who would gain from white supremacy- mainly planter class and Democratic party.

Advocates for the New South wanted racial harmony, not to be confused with racial equality. Industrial and agricultural school in Alabama, founded by Booker T. An anti-lynching movement did emerge led by Ida B. Washington at the Atlanta Cotton Expo, calling for African Americans to stay in the South and not force white society to accept them, but to gain acceptance through hard work cooperatives: Economic issues played secondary role to race, distracting ppl from social inequalities that affected blacks and whites.

Washington in People George Washington Carver: Following Reconstruction, the South was faced with rebuilding its infrastructure and its economy, as well as incorporating free African Americans into a society that only a generation before had considered them property. After adoption of 15th Amdt many in N felt blacks should take care of themselves.

Questions of future of freedmen deferred for sake of rapid reunification ii The occupied Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee rejoined under plan in iii Radicals unhappy with mild plan. Almost none owned land or possessions b Competing Notions of Freedom i Freedom The new south notes blacks meant end to slavery, injustice, humiliation.

After war few credit institutions such as banks returned, new credit system centered on local country stores iv Farmers did not have steady cash flow so relied on credit to buy what they needed.

What makes French architecture so appealing is the link to the land and the culture that is reflected in a wide variety of styles.

Emilion vinyard near Bordeaux The sign of villages recognized as the "Plus Beaux Villages" in France A re-enactor overlooks the Burgandy hills below the ancient town of Brancion.

Fish resolved claims against GB of violating neutrality by building ships for Confed.

The New South

I have tried to show details of building materials, colors, and textures that are options open to you as you build your new French country house. Half-timbering with herringbone brick inlay Diamond patterned leaded glass adds detail and scale to arched casements Food as art!

Like their foods, the flavor of French architecture is determined by the region and the local culture and historic roots. Most were women, wages much lower than in N. Wells to pass national law enabling fed got to punish those responsible for lynchings v White supremacy diluted class animosities btwn poor whites and Bourbon oligarchs.

Colors of the local market fare overwhelm the senses. Subsistence farming gave way to only growth of cash crops- increased poverty.

This is what South Africa’s new Mandela bank notes look like

Depleted treasury led ppl to want to spend little on freedmen, poor state govts cut back on social services iii In Congressional elections of Dems won majority in House for first time sinceGrant used army to maintain Repub control in SC, FL, LA d The Compromise of i In elections Repubs sought new candidate to distance from corruption and attract Liberals back- chose Rutherford B Hayes, Dems chose Sam Tilden ii Tilden won popular vote but dispute over 20 electoral votes from 3 states.

Cumming v County Board of Education - laws for separate schools valid even if no comparable school for blacks existed iii White policies shifted from subordination to segregation- black voting rights had been used by Bourbons to keep their control of Dem party, but when poor white farmers saw this they sought to disenfranchise blacks.

African American journalist who wrote about lynching; supported African American boycott of white-owned businesses Related Links: For example, domestic help, mechanics, and farmers would be a benefit to society and not threaten the social order. After Congress would readmit to Union. The New South was also touted as a place where hard work and Southern industrialism would lift its citizens out of poverty.

Viewed poor blacks in this light, favored little govt intervention to help. State govts, then readmission iii By end of all seceded states has new govts, waiting for Congress to recognize. Provence We hope that you will enjoy seeing some of the highlights of our trip to the South of France.

African American colleges and universities, many of which relied on white benefactors, were careful to express that the training offered to their students would be useful and not a threat to whites. Most of all, however, economic pressure used b The Ku Klux Klan Acts i Repubs tried to stop white repression, passed Enforcement Acts known as Ku Klux Klan Acts - prohibited states from discriminating against voters on race, fed govt given power to prosecute violations.

Larger budgets reflected needed services previous govts had not offered: African American scientist at the Tuskegee Institute; advocated diversity in crops in the South, especially growing peanuts, sweet potatoes and, soybeans Henry Turner: Your browser does not support this audio format.View Notes - New South Notes from HISTORY at Tulane University.

Design Notes From France

Massive economic loss Property value from $ million to $50 million Loss of a workforce valued at $ billion Half of all. New Mandela bank notes have started circulating through South Africa’s ATMs and other channels, ahead of the planned July launch. The notes were announced back in February, as a commemoration to.

View Notes - New South Notes from HIST at Drake University. New South Notes The idea was created by Henry Grady The new south was sharecropping, textile, mining etc.

o This time did feature more. The following notes will help you prepare for questions about the New South on the AP U.S. History Exam. Following Reconstruction, the South was faced with rebuilding its infrastructure and its economy, as well as incorporating free African Americans into a society that only a generation before had.

Proponents of the New South first turned to secondary crops that could thrive in southern soil. Tobacco was the second most vital crop after cotton to the pre-war South.

Several factors led to a resurgence in tobacco production following the Civil War. We hope that you will enjoy seeing some of the highlights of our trip to the South of France. As always, we go right to the source to gather details that make our French country house plans so popular.

This year, our trip .

The new south notes
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