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Sony admits PS4 has a cross-play problem, tries to offer hope

For those with a poor internet connection, or who have purchased 4K Blu-ray discsthe PS4 Pro is unlikely to be the go-to player. Compared to its predecessor, the Slimline was smaller, thinner, quieter and also included a built-in Ethernet port in some markets it also has an integrated modem.

Sony has also made changes to the button layout, replacing the touch sensitive buttons with mechanical ones, and has moved the light bar from the top of to the front of the console.

It appears to have been built from the ground up with social in mind, integrating real-world identification, Facebook and dynamic real-time sharing.

From a normal viewing distance, I was hard-pushed to tell the difference between the two modes, and it was only when I sat very close to the TV that the 4K mode started to look obviously sharper. Where I really felt the difference was the frame rate.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Main article: A look back on the PlayStation Blizzard!: PlayStation 2 Main article: PlayStation 3 Slim Like its predecessors, the PlayStation 3 was re-released in as a "slim" model.

What the game looks like on console hardware, and what the reconfigured interface looks like will be unveiled next month at PAX East. If you care about the way your games look, then go for it. Like its predecessor, it has received a slimmer redesign. And herein lies part of the problem.

And how much will it be? An LED "light bar" was additionally added to the front of the controller; it is designed to allow the PlayStation Camera accessory to further track its motion, but can also be used to provide visual effects and feedback within games.

The controller also features an internal speaker, and a headphone jack for headsets or headphones; the console is bundled with a pair of headset earbuds.


Updates to games and system software are also downloaded in the background and while in standby. The Pro has a unique method of tracking the objects called an ID buffer, which can more accurately account for the Sony ps4 of edges of in-game objects. Media is uploaded seamlessly from the console to other PSN users or social networking sites such as DailymotionFacebookTwitter and YouTubeor else users can copy media to a USB flash drive and upload to a social network or website of their preference.

The bass booms are responsive and weighty which is satisfying when playing high octane video games like Infamous: Omega Collection can run at native 4K. On the audio side, the PS4 Pro is more complex than expected.

Developers are fully involved, activated, discussed and doing really cool collaborative things. The PS4 Pro is a step in the right direction, but there are still improvements to be made. According to lead system architect, Mark Cerny, development on the PlayStation 4 began as early as Every game we tested also looked and ran better at p.

Saying "PlayStation" initiates voice control, and "All Commands" displays a list of possible commands. When you insert a 4K game, the data on the disc is combined with information downloaded from the internet, which makes playing it in 4K resolution possible.

What Hi-Fi?

No spam, we promise.Release date: 16 September This item is FREE delivery. The world's best-selling console has a brand-new look! Experience epic adventures, battle the best players online and challenge your friends in your living room with the slimmer and lighter new PS4.

PlayStation (Japanese: プレイステーション, Hepburn: Pureisutēshon, abbreviated as PS) is a gaming brand that consists of four home video game consoles, as well as a media center, an online service, a line of controllers, two handhelds and a phone, as well as multiple is created and owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Shop the rewards catalog, take advantage of Deals & Steals or Insider Specials, and combine points with cash to get what you want faster. Go >. If you're a PS4 gamer, you can't play online with your Xbox friends.

Sony Quietly Rolls Out New PS4 Model

CNET The PlayStation 4 needs to learn how to play nice with other consoles -- and Sony. If you go out and buy a PS4 today, chances are the model number written on it will be some variation of CUH But in the coming weeks and months, that will change as Sony just rolled out a CUH.

The PS4 Pro hasn't come down in price since it was first launched at the inbut that doesn't mean there aren't any good PS4 Pro deals around.

Sony ps4
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