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The real question, essentially, is not whether women can serve in any military capacity at all. The author gives the example of how Titan missile silos require two people to work in very close spaces and as a result the Navy has adopted the policy of having only same-sex crews working at any given time.

Persuasive essays on women in the military the women that have made it through war and made it out will be mentally unstable for the rest of there lives, Yes they set out to do what they wanted to prove to men that they can do it and at times prove that they can serve there country, but paid a higher price at the end.

Use of dirty bombs and the international protests against it. Doctors and physical trainers show facts that even the most robust women do not have all of these qualities. Nature has made women physically weaker and less durable than men. Should women be allowed in the line of fire and in direct combat?

This is only one example of the changes that have occurred from the admission of women in the army.

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Chain of command in special operations. Serving in the army today is solely a masculine occupation, and it should remain such further.

Should Women Serve in the Army?

It is all free! This is one of my special speech topic idea pages. Nuclear weapons stock by country or region. But one of the most intriguing questions of integration has yet to be fully answered. There is an exception to this, WAR.

Combat not only pushes people to their emotional and mental limits, it can also be inordinately physically demanding as well.

Women in the army will decrease its fighting efficiency, since training standards will inevitably be lowered. If integrating combat vessels were to cause mass resignations and retirements in the Navy, problems with manpower and repairs, or even just serve to lower morale, the wisdom of the decision would be at best in doubt.

These characteristics most men have. In a report to Congress entitled "Summary of Presidential Commission Findings and Record in Support of Alternative Views", it was pointed out that the need for a superior military must outweigh any civil rights claim, no matter how noble or seemingly justified. People argue that the physical inferiority of women would make them costs rather than assets in the ranks of combat.

Here are easy to research ideas for writing a speech on women in the military speech topics: In addition to the intimate relationships that might distract from their work, mixed crews on combat ships could again cause manpower problems in an increasingly downsized military.

Another set of limitations to putting women on combat vessels are the considerable changes that would have to be made to accommodate them. While women are now capable of being both enlisted personnel and officers in the military, a new question arises - should the role of women in the military finally be expanded to allow them to fight for their country in direct combat?

Life in a submarine for ten months. Physical facts show that women get abused on the battle field, women get captured and they get tortured and rapped over and over again by the enemy, but this happens with in the lines of your own men too.

Thus, having one woman placed in a whole squad of men is not rare. Waste no more time! On board ship, they say this kind of redistribution of manpower is not only expensive, it is nearly tactically impossible. Purple Heart conditions and recipients.

Now with a man you can become good friends but a woman u could get awfully close. Can women be as good at being soldiers, sailors, naval aviators and fighter pilots as men? Inthe three service academies all accepted their first class of women. Being in the military means prestige, honor, pride, and the satisfaction that comes along with engaging what is considered one of the most valiant and traditionally revered professions in our country.

The most commonly cited reasons are: Several men volunteered that objections from their wives to the introduction of women aboard ship could cause them to leave the Navy.

Normal physical exercises for men are often excruciating for women. While it was long debated whether women could compete and excel in the kind of environment that service academies are known for, at least the scholastic questions were answered when one of the female cadets at West Point was recently named the valedictorian of her graduating class.

Log in or register now. The biggest perceived risk of integration, however, could be the chance that a woman in a combat role run The rest of the paper is available free of charge to our registered users. This is because society shows that men are supposed to protect the women, and that is what there jobs are.

While this was hardly the most unrealistic scene in the movie, it certainly implied a considerable amount of societal change between now and this time in the future when men and women can work and live together without any sexual tension. Twenty interesting and current military speech topics for a good informative on objects, subjects, events, structures and entities can be about: Role of women in World War II; female power behind the screens.Look on the left for other general and focused examples for an educational spoken essay presentation at school.

Twenty interesting and current military speech topics for a good informative on objects, subjects, events, structures and entities can be about: Air missile defense strategies in East Europe.

Small arms and light weapons sales in malls. The roles of women in the military have evolved over time to allow the incorporation of women in expanding military career fields. Women have proven themselves to be an asset to the military despite some of society believing women would weaken America’s military effectiveness.

A List Of Great Argumentative Essay Topics On The Military. In recent memory, the police have been trending worldwide for all the wrong reasons and many questions have been asked as to whether the law enforcement forces have been militarized. Military Conscription (Persuasive Essay) Topics: Conscription in the United States, Conscription, United States Army Having young men or even women drafted in the military would benefit everyone.

The soldiers would benefit from gaining the knowledge and on-the-job training for a career when they get out and the militaries would not be. Women in the Military - I have chosen my persuasive essay to be focused on why women should be in the military.

A List Of Great Argumentative Essay Topics On The Military

I chose this topic in order to get a full view on how women in the military are thought of. Example essay writing, topic: Persuasive Essay Women In Combat Roles In The Military 3, words Essay examples you see on this page are free essays, available to anyone.

Persuasive essays on women in the military
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