Online reservation for catering services

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Catering Services

Enter ReServe Cloud the solution to that problem. The new cloud software is so friendly and productivity for me is great. Always so helpful, courteous, patient and immediately available to their clients.

Not to mention enhanced features such as digital signature of contracts, deposit e-payment processing, web based event leads. Katie Williams, Makoy Center More Reviews Woodbine Entertainment Group Reserve Interactive Our experience with sourcing, negotiating and implementing Reserve at our venues has been extremely positive at every level of the project.

Online Catering Reservation

I actually had clients comment on it. There are a few things that we wish could be possible that are not, but the majority of the product makes our jobs SO MUCH easier! Jennifer Koen, Woodbine Entertainment Group More Reviews Modern User Interface The interface is great and modern - the system works perfectly with our other systems and creates a unique and easy way to organize events.

Love that it has a spell check feature. Reserve Cloud is useful, powerful, and easily customize-able. How awesome is that! Thank you for all you do. Through our review and initial planning process we invited 4 companies to bid on our RFP.

I love love love the "internal note" feature! I also like that Online reservation for catering services software breaks items into category so each department knows exactly where to look to get the information they are seeking.

It is a powerful tool once you know how to get around it. Their help desk and developing department have been amazing! Your customer service is amazing! It just seems that they really listen and care about their clients and software.

I find it quite easy to navigate. Maria Skubal, Lodgeworks More Reviews Professional and Accurate Since getting reserve we have had many compliments on how professional our contracts now look.

So I asked for some training and in under 2 hours, the representative was able to show me myriads of ways to capitalize on the fantastic functionality in Reserve.

Love the software, it has everything I need!! Sure, but try finding a platform which integrates with your event management system to prevent double bookings, and does both equally well. Extremely nicely laid out, easy to read and very professional looking.

We now process events quicker in a more user friendly environment then our previous platform. Angela has been wonderful to work with, her attention to detail and follow up has exceptional. There are a lot of features in this software that I really like such as; Love the way contracts, banquet event orders etc.The Apple II became an instant success when released in with its printed circuit motherboard, switching power supply, keyboard, case assembly, manual, game paddles, A/C powercord, and cassette tape with the computer game “Breakout.”.

Software tools for catering, event management, dining reservations and table management. Reserve Interactive software helps manage banquets, dining reservations and hospitality events.

Our catering reservation system supports both online and offline payments. You can configure all payment settings, allow payment methods, and add your.

Group Catering e-mail or Call -ABC Estabrook is the sole caterer for Estabrook Beer Garden, the use of other caterers is not permitted.

Catering System

-Carry-In of outside alcohol of any kind is a violation of County Ordinance and Wisconsin Statutes. This system allow customers to reserved catering services online using PHP and MySQLi. The system provides a step by step process in creating catering reservations from filling in personal information, event details, package details and mode of payment.

A system created for catering services using Bootstrap and MySqli for online reservations to organize the schedule of reservations to avoid conflicts with the availability of catering, this includes the capability to generate unique reservation code for security purposes.

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Online reservation for catering services
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