How to write a good recommendation letter for law school

I have been teaching at Minnesota College since and before that as a doctoral student, at University of Nebraska for 3 years. Below is a sample of each so that you may properly guide your recommenders to create stellar examples of LORs. Be prepared to have the discussion on the spot if time permits.

During the meeting find out how much experience the recommender has in writing law school recommendations. Some schools place great weight on the recommendations; others, not so much. Provide the following materials: Open communication on this point works best for everyone.

It is really a point of personal preference for each recommender. Provide a cover letter with the following information: Tell the committee what the basis for your opinion is—what was the nature of the project, paper, or assignment that Sally completed which proved she had such great analytical reasoning skills?

As such, you want the following qualities discussed in your letters. Suzie Student asked me to supply you with a letter of reference in support of her application for admission to your law school. Remember to find a recommender that is going to reflect well on you in light of these principal questions.

Economics is extremely demanding and I am not known as an easy grader. Suzie excelled in both, and was one of the few students with perfect attendance in both courses. If you are requesting a letter from an employer, follow roughly the same procedure.

Because law schools do not generally offer personal interviews, they use the recommendations as well as some other written materials to really try to get an idea of who each applicant is. The 8 Qualities You Want Highlighted in Your Letters The most substantive purpose of a letter of recommendation is to supply the law school with opinions about how you will fare as a law student.

Be ready to discuss why you are applying to law school, why you will make a good law student, and why you have chosen this particular person as a potential reference. It has been a pleasure to write this letter for Suzie Student.

There is no prohibition on sharing a draft of your letter with the applicant. Also explain that you are available to review a draft of the letter if it would be helpful.

Letters of Recommendation for Law School: Need to Know

Without being loud or interruptive, she was a ready and regular participant in class discussions and always added value to such discussion—a rare occurrence indeed.

But you should not feel obligated to show the student the letter either. This was a challenging course intended for upper-level students. She is a regular volunteer at the Minneapolis homeless shelter, and was given a University award for her outstanding community service.

This is admittedly a hard conversation to have, for you and for the student, but you are not doing the student any favors by sparing his or her feelings at this juncture. It is especially important to emphasize those skills that will make the student a good law student: In my Labor Economics class students participated in debate, and in my Advanced Econometrics class there were presentations.

Example of a Great LOR: You will not need to write a separate letter for each law school. Please keep a copy of the letter until the student confirms that LSAC has received it, just in case there is a mix-up.

Yours very truly, Andrew T. This letter, while seemingly good, has several flaws: If you have a strong connection to a particular law school—for example, you are an active alum, or have taught there—you can submit a specific letter to just that law school.This guidance is intended for academics and professionals who have been asked to submit a letter of recommendation on behalf of a law school applicant.

Law school letters of recommendation are now centralized. You will write one letter, and either mail it along with a pre-printed form the student provides (from the Law School Admission Council) or upload it via a link provided in an email from LSAC (your choice—let the student know which you’d prefer).

Home › Guidelines For Writing Letters of Recommendation. Guidelines For Writing Letters of Recommendation. the more useful the letter is to the law school's admissions committee and thus to the student. Indicate how long you have known the applicant and in what capacity. When writing a reference letter, be sure to explain how you know the person, and describe some of the qualities that make him or her a good candidate for the job or school.

Use specific examples to show how the person has shown those qualities. How Do You Write a Reference Letter for Law School? Our Best Money Tips, Delivered.

Sample Letters of Recommendation for a Law School Application

Email Address. Home › Law School - Letters of Recommendation. Law School - Letters of Recommendation.

What information do my letter writers need to write good letters? stores, and transmits letters of recommendation. Even though the CAS compiles and sends letters of recommendation to law. Be ready to discuss why you are applying to law school, why you will make a good law student, and why you have chosen this particular person as a potential reference.

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Ask the professor if she would be willing to write a strong letter of recommendation for you.

How to write a good recommendation letter for law school
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