Full set of aqa a2 tectonics

Destructive margins are some of the most seismically active zones in the world. This can cause damage to buildings and underground utilities. This feature can still widen allowing the sea to inundate it.

Deep ocean trenches are found along the seaward edge of destructive margins. Insurance is available but even in rich countries like Japan few people are willing to pay for such specific cover.

Newer volcanoes erupt over the hot sport and a new island is formed. Found in hot spots where oceanic crust meets oceanic crust Eruptions: CORE- size of mars, densest part, made of rocks of iron and nickel.

Currently no reliable way to accurately predict when an earthquake will occur. Where volcanoes erupt on land they help to create young fold mountains such as the Andes. Same reptile called meosaurus is found only in S America and South Africa sediments.

As km long up to 50km wide and m in depth. The hotter expanded crust forms a ridge. Most devastating example occurred in December in Indonesia. Maps of volcano distribution indicate that although most active volcanoes are associated with divergent and convergent plate margins, others do not conform to this pattern.

If new ocean crust was created equally on both sides, it would appear to create the possibility of over lapping new crust on concave sections and divergence on convex sections. Mid ocean ridges are irregular curving around the planet. See below Authorities focus on: Others suggest they are created from far less depth and in fact are moving slowly.

This is because the vast majority of earthquakes are related to plate motion and are therefore found around plate boundaries. Pyroclastic material comprises a wide range of volcanic fragments from ash to larger volcanic bombs. This sequence can form a chain of islands A new island will form to SE of Hawaii when the Loihi submarine volcano builds up to sea level.

In addition to this earthquakes occur in regions that do not appear to be near active plate margins. Here there are real time equipment and dense observation methods. The earthquakes in China and central Asia occur along extensive lines of weakness related to the collision of India with the Eurasian plate over 50 million years ago.

Rigid pper mantle, apart from this most of the mantle is semi molten with temperatures near the core reaching degrees.

Volcanic associated with earlier subduction and sediments scraped off the vanishing ocean floor are mixed up and compressed to form young fold mountain chains with deep roots in the lithosphere. Hawaiian Islands are an example. These margins are sometimes referred to as passive or slip margins and occur where two plates meet and the direction of plate motion is parallel.

BUT There are several methods: BUT there was no warning of the Tangshan earthquake 7. Because magmas from which the volcanic lavas originate have incorporated elements of older crust and continental rocks as they rose, they are more silica rich and more acidic.

In San Francisco where development has occurred on reclaimed land in the bay area, the ground is far more likely to fail due to liquefaction. Earthquakes are not evenly distributed over the planet; but instead, occur in broad, uneven belts.

Where two plates pull apart there is a weaker zone in the crust and an increase in heat near the surface. They are characteristic of more gaseous phases of eruption, where the build up of gas beneath blocked volcanic vents creates a violent explosion, shredding the magma into finer particles.

Found at spreading ridges where tension pulls the crust apart. Composed of mainly sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. People had noticed that certain continents looked like they had once fitted together.

Revision Notes A2 AQA Geography Tectonics

They try to rise up through fissures and by burning their way through overlying rock until they reach the surface. Such island chains may develop over millions of years to become major land e. Gentle, persistent Shield Volcanoes Made of basaltic rock and form gently sloping cones from layers of less viscous lava.Revision Notes A2 AQA Geography Tectonics Word Document Mb.


Full Set of Aqa A2 Tectonics Notes

See similar resources. Save to favourites. Share: Tweet. Pages in this set. Page 1. Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards- Revision Notes Plate Movement Earth Structure The Earth is comprised is of three layers Sign up to see full resource.

Comments. Finn. The Physical Options. This is an extract of the full specification, which you can download from this page. Option 1: Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards The last January exams for AS and A2 were in January The exams are now only in June due to Changes to A-levels.

business aqa a2 Essay ´╗┐Discuss the problems Primark might have moving form a low cost strategy to a differentiation strategy 15 One problem Primark may have moving from a low cost strategy to a differentiation strategy is problems in changing their brand perception.

They contain EVERYTHING you need to know for the exam for the tectonics section. You WILL however, need to use your own case studies as these are not included.

AQA A level Geography World Cities, Plate tectonics and Conflict units.

Full Set of Aqa A2 Tectonics Notes specifically for you. These notes are for AQA A level Geography World Cities, Plate tectonics and Conflict units. They are clearly laid out in the format of questions and answers to make revision as easy as possible.

The table format makes revision efficient. These notes were key in me achieving an A* in this exam, and the friends who I lent the notes to also did well. This is a revision sheet for A2 Tectonic Hazards. Recommended for printing as A3 sheet. A2-Plate-Tectonics-Recall-Information-Sheet.

Report a problem. Categories & Grades. Geography / Natural hazards; Full unit of work for The Challenge of Natural Hazards.

Specifically designed for the new AQA A Geography GCSE but also suitable for 5/5(6).

Full set of aqa a2 tectonics
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