Describe and evaluate evolutionary explanations of gender roles essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Other explanations are just as plausible for their disappearance such as climate change during the time. Gender differences in mate choices may also be related to adaptive reproductive strategies.

The traditional idea of gender roles is of man as the hunter and woman the gatherer and child-rearer. Further support for this idea comes from Waynforth and Dunbar, who did a content analysis of personal ads.

Describe the Evolutionary Explanation of Gender Development

Thus, the theory argues that men have evolved to be more promiscuous and women to seek long term relationships and commitment in order to help raise their children. Though there may be other reasons to explain gender roles as the evolutionary approach is seen as determinist such as how a person I brought up.

A male, therefore needs to only invest an hour whereas a female will need to both carry and breast feed the child for up to 3 years. The theory is that testosterone levels have evolved to be higher in males due to their role of hunters and that this is what causes their increased levels of aggression.

Therefore if hunting was unsuccessful groups starved, and may have been a reason in which humans are here today, and not Neanderthals. Gender differences in sexual behaviour can be best explained through Parental Investment Theory.

Autism could be seen as an example of an extreme male brain which excels at systematising and lacks the ability to empathise.

It seems instead that many men are happy to live predominantly monogamous lives. The research is comparative and thus may not be generalisable to humans. Some common criticisms of evolutionary explanations are that they are determinist and ignore social explanations.

Furthermore, it seems highly reductionist to suggest that all men are motivated by having maximum sexual partners. More Essay Examples on Gender Rubric This links into the biological model which demonstrates the role of testosterone in males in increasing aggression.

It is clear that almost all societies have a concept of marriage and it seems also apparent that many men may prefer one specific female over 10 random women. Ancestral males dealt with threats e.

Females are more concerned with finding a partner who can provide resources, thus ensuring the survival of offspring. Secondly, the reason that women say no in the Clark and Hatfield study may not be due to a lack of interest in promiscuous sex but instead to the learnt danger of being alone with a strange man also they do not wish to have sex outside of committed relationships.

Women therefor seek to enhance their looks and men advertise their status. There was a significant increase in cortisol levels in male participants, but a significant decrease in females.

For example, women want good financial prospects; i. One of the main difficulties with cross-cultural studies is the degree to which data collected actually represents the behaviour of people from different cultures.Describe And Evaluate Evolutionary Explanations Of Gender Roles to the evolutionary explanation is that it is deterministic.

For example, our genes specify exactly how we will behave. Related Documents: Describe And Evaluate Gender Schema Essay sex and gender studies Essay. to evolutionary psychologists, why are there psychological gender differences?

Essay about Psychology Describe And Evaluate Biological Explanations Of Schizophrenia 10 12 Marks. Describe the evolutionary explanation of gender development Evolutionary psychology is based on the ideas that our behaviour is influenced by our instincts left over from our evolutionary past - Describe the Evolutionary Explanation of Gender Development introduction.

These behaviours were adaptive to increase the chances of survival and reproduction. Read this essay on Describe and Evaluate Social Explanations for Aggression.

Describe and Evaluate Evolutionary Explanations of Gender [8 + 16] A Grade Essay

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Describe and Evaluate the Evolutionary Explanation of Gender Roles (8+16) Describe and evaluate the evolutionary explanation of gender roles (8+16) One way in which the evolutionary theory can. Outline and Evaluate the Evolutionary Explanation for Gender Roles Essay Outline and evaluate the evolutionary explanation for gender roles Gender refers to culturally constructed distinctions between femininity and masculinity.

Describe and evaluate the evolutionary explanation of gender roles (8+16) One way in which the evolutionary theory can explain how gender roles differ can be explained by mate choice.

Men tend to look for women with small waists and bigger hips as it shows fertility.

Describe and evaluate evolutionary explanations of gender roles essay
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